Our BURG opened in 2009. Our original focus on projects in structural institutional markets and Condo has expanded to include high-rise offices, residential apartments and box-type warehouses. We have an excellent safety record, and from early 2012 to late 2013, had no injuries.

Some of our most memorable projects are those that presented the most challenges. The ACRI Hotel, a 17 Level CIP Structure, was built over an existing retail facility in Downtown Charlotte. The Stonewall Station mixed use project is one of Lithko largest concrete projects.  The Charlotte team was able to negotiate this project based on using a Design Assist approach and an aggressive schedule.  The Stonewall team is currently pouring over 40,000 SF of Structural Deck per Week.   Some additional Lithko downtown projects include: Embassy Suites, 300 South Tryon, 10th St Parking Deck, East Morehead Mixed Use, Avid Exchange, 120 Central, and 500 East Morehead. Working in an urban setting required our project teams to plan around difficult logistics. All projects were negotiated and finished ahead of schedule.

Industry Awards & Recognition

Safety Platinum Award (2017)

Presented American Builders & Contractors
Location: Charlotte, NC


Ryan Kuczynski