Lithko Mountain West Team Teaches Leadership Methodology at a Colorado State University Class

Rob Kief and Lea Preller were the special guest lecture for a day during a freshman/sophomore leadership class at Colorado State University. They worked with 19 students and shared our Lithko Leadership Methodology. The students learned how to apply this technique to school, career and their own personal life. 

Class: Breaking Ground: Building Future Leaders  Taught by CM Department Professors: Anna Fontana & Jeff Wilkes

This class is a part of the Colorado State University key program: 

“The Key Communities are highly diverse first and second year learning communities designed to assist students with their transition to and through the university. Based on active and experiential learning through interdisciplinary classes, service-learning, academic and career exploration, undergraduate research and leadership development, Key aims to increase retention and academic performance of participants, encourage campus and community involvement, and promote diversity awareness.

Key students live together in a designated suite style residence hall, and enroll in 2-3 of their first semester courses with a smaller group of 19 Key students. Key students also have a junior or senior Key Mentor to connect with them, provide information and resources, and serve as a guide throughout the first year of college.”

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