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Safety Spotlight - Cold Weather Stress

Loui the hedgehog is worried about staying safe in the cold. We asked Kansas City Field Engineer, Josh Kelley to share his cold weather… View More

David Linich Named New Chief Talent Officer at Lithko Contracting

We’re proud to announce, David Linich will be the new Chief Talent Officer at Lithko Contracting, dedicated to evolving and managing our talent acquisition, development, and retention programs.  David is an accomplished leader with a reputation for attracting and retaining top talent and creating environments where people can be at their best. David comes to us from Standard Textile Co., where he was responsible for developing the… View More

January Coworker Spotlight- Kenny Ashcraft, Indianapolis Burg

Kenny Ashcraft came to us as a rodbuster from the Cincinnati Burg a couple of years ago. Since coming to Indy, Kenny has taken every opportunity and has ran with it. Kenny shows great work ethic and does whatever it takes to complete a project.  Kenny has taken over and manages 10-20 rodbusters across multiple projects daily. He shows a real drive to maintain a safe and quality driven project. He always has a great plan and meets… View More