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Safety Spotlight - Heat Related Illnesses

Hot weather is affecting our jobsites every year. Not only do we need to consider heat related illnesses, but now we need to acknowldege Covid-19 protocols. How will you change your hot weather… View More

Worker Wednesday- Ben Wood

What do you enjoy about working at Lithko? What motivates you to wake up and go to work? I enjoy putting in a day's work and being able to look back at the progress my team and I have accomplished each day. I am eager to get up every day to meet our goals and overcome challenges that are there every step of the way. For instance, our job entails working around other trades and adjusting to… View More

June Coworker Spotlight- David Walker, Central Kentucky BURG

In 2001, David Walker joined the Lithko team, after responding to a job ad in the Hamilton Journal. Additionally, he had a friend that previously worked with Butch Sullivan and Mike Sullivan who referred him to Lithko. Looking for a stable position and hearing great things about the new, up-and-coming concrete contractor, David saw an opportunity for future growth and officially started as a laborer, shoveling gravel.  David worked… View More