December Coworker Spotlight: Daniel Parker- Tulsa BURG

Daniel Parker, Project Lead in Lithko’s Tulsa office continues to do a great job with developing his team while working on a multi-building project.  Utilizing the Lead/Manage/Supervise Plan, Daniel sets very clear expectations that develops coworkers into their next roles at Lithko.  For example, the Field Lead on this project, Jared Caruthers, has been working with Daniel for one year, starting as a Carpenter.  To continue Jared’s leadership development, Daniel and Jared have daily conversations that make the end of the day’s DPP more of a daily production check and an agreement on the next day’s plan.  Daniel believes that you must allow the coworkers the opportunity to be leaders by handing over the reins and allowing them to lead by example. 

Project Characteristics

The Project is located in NE Oklahoma near Tulsa, OK. The project is a manufacturing facility as well as a storage and distribution warehouse.  The Facility is in alphabetical order of production.  Raw materials enter into Bldg A, get mixed in Bldg B, are manufactured into the final product in Bldg C, packaged and sorted in Bldg D, and stored and distributed in Bldg E.  

There are additional supporting structures that we will be responsible for constructing as well.
The foundations for the structure will be sitting on a compacted rock base which sits on aggregate piers.  The building envelope is precast wainscot with metal panel and interior structural steel.  The Precast walls will be supported by concrete clamping walls on both sides.  Not all Precast has the clamping walls.

Brief Overview of project 

Fifty-two weeks have been allotted for this project with varying levels of supervisory teams planned for different aspects of the project.  Buildings A, B, D, E are warehouse/distribution consisting of shallow foundations, SOG, loading docks, office area, clamping walls for precast and SOMD.  Buildings C, H, K, L are heavy structural buildings consisting of large pile caps, pits, walls, cores, elevated structural slabs, and toppings on hollow core.

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