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January Coworker Spotlight- Kenny Ashcraft, Indianapolis Burg

Kenny Ashcraft came to us as a rodbuster from the Cincinnati Burg a couple of years ago. Since coming to Indy, Kenny has taken every opportunity and has ran with it. Kenny shows great work ethic and does whatever it takes to complete a project.  Kenny has taken over and manages 10-20 rodbusters across multiple projects daily. He shows a real drive to maintain a safe and quality driven project. He always has a great plan and meets… View More

Q&A with Area Lead Will Zeren

After graduating from North Carolina State with a Bachelor’s in Construction Engineering and Management, Will went to work for another concrete contractor for the first 10 years of his career.  In 2011 Will was introduced to Lithko’s leadership team through one of our internal recruiters and ultimately decided to join Lithko as a Project Coordinator. Today, Will is the Area Lead of our Raleigh BURG and has been… View More

February Coworker Spotlight- Bo Parkins, Charleston Burg

Bowen (Bo) Parkins started with Lithko right out of school in 2016.  He majored in Civil Engineering from the The Citadel in Charleston, SC.  Since starting as a Project Engineer, Bo has will do whatever it takes both in the field and office to help his projects succeed.  Bo’s continued focus, organization, and overall dedication to his projects has been an integral part of the Charleston BURG’s success over the past 4… View More

March Coworker Spotlight- Tomas Morales

Tomas Morales is better known as “Chivo” to his fellow coworkers. The literal translation means “goat”. To Tomas, this is just a nickname that has been passed down to him through friends and family. To the Tulsa BURG, hearing this name on the jobsite assures the team that their vertical work is in good hands and it will be done right. Chivo has developed his reputation over the course of 16 years working in construction, with 15 of… View More

Worker Wednesday- Ross Bennett

What do you enjoy about working at Lithko? I enjoy the team oriented environment and culture. We have fun inside and outside of work hours. What responsibilities did you have when you first started with Lithko? What are your responsibilities now?   When I first started, I was given a variety of tasks through my campus development program. Examples are setting forms and anchor bolts as well as completing… View More

Coworker Spotlight- Adam Zimmerman

In 2008, Adam Zimmerman started with Lithko Columbus in the field with a focus on field engineering. He trained alongside Dick Reese and became a solid Field Engineer. Recently, our Columbus BURG leadership, decided Adam was showing upside to a Project Lead. Operations Manager, Jim Houssami describes Adam as a “Quiet Storm” who has “fire in his belly”. “He is very smart, hardworking, and always looks for solutions. If he… View More

May Coworker Spotlight- Horacio Vega, Dallas BURG

Horacio Vega joined the Dallas Burg in December 2017 as a Field Lead. Prior to Lithko, Horacio worked at Aguilar Forming and Osburn Contractors in the Dallas Area.  He brings an extensive amount of concrete experience to Lithko. Additionally, Horacio has a drive to perform his role with excellence making him a good fit within our organization.  His leadership inspires those around him to “grab another gear” to get the job done.  His… View More

June Coworker Spotlight- David Walker, Central Kentucky BURG

In 2001, David Walker joined the Lithko team, after responding to a job ad in the Hamilton Journal. Additionally, he had a friend that previously worked with Butch Sullivan and Mike Sullivan who referred him to Lithko. Looking for a stable position and hearing great things about the new, up-and-coming concrete contractor, David saw an opportunity for future growth and officially started as a laborer, shoveling gravel.  David worked… View More

Coworker Spotlight- Angel Lopez

Field Engineer, Angel Lopez left a local concrete contractor for an opportunity at our Lithko Mid Atlantic Burg 2 years ago. Lithko’s background and project portfolio appealed to Angel, as well as the ability for upward movement in his career. Operations Manager, Josue Leon, describes Angel as “dedicated, detailed oriented, and a perfectionist.” No matter how challenging the task is, Angel gives it 100%. When Angel works on… View More