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December Coworker Spotlight - Gary Crain, Cincinnati Burg

Gary Crain first heard about Lithko through a family member who worked for the Cincinnati BURG.  Gary’s cousin wanted him to join the Lithko team, so he shared how much he enjoyed working for Lithko as well as the opportunity that Lithko presents for career growth.  13 years ago, Gary contacted Mark Bella and joined the Lithko Cincinnati team as a carpenter with Jeff Gilliam and Josh Hilderbrand… View More

January Coworker Spotlight- Kenny Ashcraft, Indianapolis Burg

Kenny Ashcraft came to us as a rodbuster from the Cincinnati Burg a couple of years ago. Since coming to Indy, Kenny has taken every opportunity and has ran with it. Kenny shows great work ethic and does whatever it takes to complete a project.  Kenny has taken over and manages 10-20 rodbusters across multiple projects daily. He shows a real drive to maintain a safe and quality driven project. He always has a great plan and meets… View More

Worker Wednesday with Jason Dixon, Nashville Burg

What do you enjoy about working at Lithko? I enjoy the fact that every day and every project are different and each presents different challenges. A jobsite is a very fluid place, where the conditions and circumstances are constantly changing. This leaves no room for monotony in the work on a day to day basis.  I believe Lithko does a great job of letting you tackle these challenges with little to no interference. What… View More

Worker Wednesday with Brandon Tusky, Nashville Burg

What do you enjoy about working at Lithko? I really enjoy the team environment and autonomy that Lithko offers. The construction process can be very stressful, chaotic, and demanding. The family of coworkers around me are eager to share knowledge and help me grow while tackling the challenges I face. This helps me feel like I can solve any problem. From the carpenters to my Area Lead, I know my team has my back, and I have… View More