Safety Spotlight

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Safety Spotlight- Cold Weather

Our work doesn't stop as the winter weather approaches. It it is important to review fall safety protection with workers before the conditions begin. Now that it is officially the start of January, Pedro Ortiz shares preventions for falls and inujries while working in winter… View More

Safety Spotlight - Heat Related Illnesses

Hot weather is affecting our jobsites every year. Not only do we need to consider heat related illnesses, but now we need to acknowldege Covid-19 protocols. How will you change your hot weather… View More

Safety Spotlight - Flying Tables

A large portion of our work includes executing on condos, apartments, hospitals, and parking garages. These types of projects require multiple formwork, reinforcing floor and structural/architectural systems. If you were to see one of these projects live, you would most likely see "flying tables". This means once the concrete has been placed on a floor, a crane pulls out the table and lifts it up to the next level. This can be a dangerous… View More

Safety Spotlight - Cold Weather Stress

Loui the hedgehog is worried about staying safe in the cold. We asked Kansas City Field Engineer, Josh Kelley to share his cold weather… View More