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Lithko Enhances Productivity with Tech Solution

Lithko is continuing to enhance productivity by implementing technology solutions. We implemented a mobile solution from Penta Technologies that includes the use of an iPad timeclock and a web-based time and quantity coding solution. Thus far, our coworkers have seen multiple benefits that include: •    Giving critical time back to our Project leadership by a more efficient way to code time and quantity – reducing time… View More

August Coworker Spotlight: Tyler Hendricks, Allentown BURG

Our Allentown team selected Tyler Hendricks for the August Coworker Spotlight. Tyler recently graduated from the Construction Management program at Penn College of Technology. While attending school, Tyler interned for Lithko’s Allentown BURG. After graduation, he started full time as a Project Engineer in Allentown. Operations Manager, Mike McCloskey, describes Tyler as “a hard worker, hands on, and not afraid to get dirty. Tyler… View More

Worker Wednesday- Enrique Baez

What do you enjoy about working at Lithko? What motivates you to wake up and go to work? I enjoy the family atmosphere at Lithko. I also like the fact that the groundwork is laid out in front of us to ensure we can succeed. What responsibilities did you have when you first started with Lithko? What are your responsibilities now? I started out as a finisher. Currently, I am the Place and Finish Lead in the Denver… View More