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  • HERE Kansas University Housing

HERE Kansas University Student Housing


This  off campus housing development offers high end apartments and innovative amenities. The plan includes 61,000 square feet of parking and retail on the first level; 76,000 square feet of parking on the second level, 84,000 square feet for two apartment towers, retail, an amenities area and a swimming pool on the third level; and apartments on the fourth through eighth levels.

Our scope of work included foundations, walls and slab-on-grade for the first level; foundations, walls, slab-on-grade (13,000 square feet) and 9-inch-thick post-tension, cast-in-place deck (63,000 square feet) for the second level; foundations, walls, slab-on-grade (7,800 square feet) and 15-by-19-inch-thick post-tension, cast-in-place deck (77,000 square feet) for the third level; and slab-on-metal deck for the north and south apartment towers (240,000 square feet total) for the fourth through eighth levels.

The schedule required us to complete all the cast-in-place work on levels one through three in six and a half months. Our project team worked together to overcome the schedule constraints. After 30 workdays were lost to weather, we worked two shifts for 11 weeks to deliver on time. 

There was no lay-down for material at the perimeter of the site. Material deliveries had to be carefully coordinated in order to maintain deck cycles and project flow. Elevated work on the decks, columns, walls and cores required detailed daily planning in order to proceed efficiently.

Despite weather delays, tight schedule, and logistic challenges, the project was delivered within contractual duration.